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Let’s have a visitor for a change today! We are honored to have Tea Gergedava, head of the Department of Foreign Relations and ERASMUS+ ICM Institutional Coordinator at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU, Georgia) here with us. Tea is not just a colleague but already a friend! She is visiting us for a week, thanks to the Erasmus+ KA1 programme, and let’s hear what her opinions are so far on her visit.

Dear Tea, welcome to CPIFP Los Enlaces! Why did you decide to participate in this job-shadowing opportunity at CPIFP Los Enlaces?

CPIFP Los Enlaces is a new partner for TSU. It is our policy to implement a staff visit (either inbound or outbound) as a first step of initiating partnership. This allows us to present our institution, our plans and goals within a specific partnership and to get to know the same details from our partner institution.

What were your expectations coming into this experience?

My expectation while embarking on this mobility was to gain sector specific knowledge, in particular to get to know Spanish higher education system better, to get acquainted with the procedures and processes of internationalization at the host institution; I also hoped to deepen my cultural and social sensitiveness by exposing myself to Spanish culture during the stay in Zaragoza.

Now that the week is ending, did the experience meet your expectations? How so?

Yes, the expectations were all fully met; moreover, I gained new friends among my hosts.

I was very impressed with the evaluation of competences and the internship system present at the host institution. I have shared my impressions with colleagues at TSU

What did you enjoy most about the job-shadowing experience here?

The openness of the colleagues to share their best practices as well as challenges, the collegial atmosphere present at the work place.

What key highlights or takeaways would you share with colleagues about your experience here?

During my mobility the topics touched upon included (but were not limited to): cover mobility good practices, digitalization in mobilities, evaluation of competences and the internship system. These are the aspects that I will share with colleagues and staff members upon return.

How do you perceive the role of international programs like Erasmus+ in shaping the future of education?

This is one of the most powerful tools we have as educators to promote intercultural understanding and sharing of best practices.

How has this experience enriched your understanding of vocational education and training?

It helped me gain a very valuable understanding of the differences of managing vocational education and training in different cultural settings.

Would you recommend the job-shadowing experience to your colleagues? Why?

Yes, very much, because of the openness of the host unit to share experience, to welcome a foreign colleague and engage with him/her in a very motivating detailed discussion on the importance of internationalization for HEI and beyond.

What advice would you give to other educators considering participating in a job-shadowing or Erasmus+ program with CPIFP Los Enlaces?

To be able to embrace a new work culture

Please summarize your experience with a few words

A remarkable opportunity for growth, both professionally and personally

Thank you so, so much Tea! We are very happy that you had such a great experience with us, and hope to cooperate again soon!

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